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National Bow Tie Day!!!!

Who Knew?! National Bow Tie Day!!! I guess it is not a surprise considering there is a national day for batteries, surf and turf, popcorn, white T shirt, don’t cry over spilled milk, umbrella, toothache, old stuff, panic, and my favorite National Lost Sock Memorial Day. Yes, Americans have a national day for nearing anything you can think of, however National Bow Tie Day holds dear to my heart, or dear to my collar.  I have been making my own bow ties for two years now and April 1, 2012 I had my own National Establishment of My Own Business That Sells Bow Ties and Long Ties Day! My girlfriend was my biggest support and gave me the confidence to take my ties beyond my closet. So off to the stores they went. Through a series of business owners taking a little risk on my product I was able to get my name out there and to build the credibility needed to prove my talent was worthy of a store.

I think every man or woman should have a bright bow tie in their closet, not just because I happen to have some beautifully constructed bow ties on my website http://www.iontiveros.com 🙂 but because it is a staple wardrobe accessory that has stood the test of time. A bow tie stands out in a crowd, it is different and does not follow the status quo of society and that is what I love about bow ties. If everyone wore a bow tie I would be making what everyone else was not wear.  I absolutely love what bow ties have evolved from. The stuffy Black Tie Affair bow ties of days gone by are no more. Bright colors, patterns, and different textures are the norm now.  You can wear a bow tie with shorts, jeans, linen, or dear I say…..nothing 🙂 haha!

Bow ties, they are truly original in every way. I hope you all get to experience wearing one (not at your wedding or prom) but out and about on a Friday night date or at a Sunday brunch.  You will definitely be recognized by strangers for your confidence and originality.

Live on!



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