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The secret to success for men? Listen to women.

For some reason unknown to me, some men have the hardest time finding clothes that one, fit them and two, match!  I give a lot of credit to the women out there who have found themselves doing double duty dressing themselves, going through the endless racks at the store looking form something nice to wear and then going to the men’s section to look for something for the guy in their lives that is not an old college shirt or oversized jeans that are ten years old.

Maybe it is a generational thing, but more and more guys are getting into fashion and taking back the pride that men once had combing their hair and wearing a pressed shirt when they go out on a Friday night.  The women however, still play an important role in the way a man looks when he is out with her.

Men are like dogs (no pun intended). We are trainable and respond to being rewarded. If we take the advice of a woman on what to wear to a nice dinner or just out and about on a Saturday afternoon, it will carry over to our professional lives.  The better you look at work the more serious people take you, the more serious people take you the more responsibility you will have, and the rewards will follow. This is all thanks to listening to the women in our lives. (yes I just said that)


The best part about all of this is, my ties reflect style, class, and what a woman is looking for in a man, confidence.  My bow ties are pre-tied (with the option to untie it of course) and easy enough for a man to put on, and the patterns and colors are most liked by women who want to see a man in a confident bright bow tie or tie.

To the women out there I say thank you for being my biggest fans and to the men I say, listen to the ladies when it comes to what you wear. You’ll thank me later


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