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The Downtown Uniform

If you go downtown San Diego you notice two things. First, the guys out number the women five-ten-fifteen to one and second, they are all in either a black button up shirt or a plaid button up and jeans.  The sea of black and plaid is overwhelming and well, for me truly unoriginal.

There have been instances when my buddy and me show up to the local bar and are randomly wearing a white T and jeans, but in no was that planed. I swear these guys all go to the same store at the same time, buy the same shirts, and wear them out on the same nights.

Why do I even care about this you ask? Well….for me it is thinking outside the box and not like the rest (I wear bow ties for Pete’s sake).  If you take the time to NOT look like every other guy on the street it keeps you out of the same category of the loud obnoxious guys that are like a woman repellent.

So what is going to get you noticed? Being camouflaged in a group of people that all look the same? You don’t even have to be too daring in your choice; simply wear a bright color shirt, or colored chinos that are not like all the blue jeans.  I’m telling you guys, its not rocket science to have the ladies notice you. Trust me.

(If you’re married or in a relationship…wear whatever you want)

Live On,



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