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Top Five Benefits of (not) Being Tall…

In middle school I grew at a faster rate then most of my friends and was the tallest in the group at a whopping five feet, eight inches. Unfortunately for me, that is where I stopped growing and most of my friends passed me up and are now six feet or taller. Great. Now I’m the little guy, but wait! There are benefits to being “average” height? You bet your bow ties there are!

Here are the top five in no particular order:

  1. Try fitting one of your six foot five friends in the back of your two door Mercedes. It doesn’t happen! Well…comfortably that is. Me? I fit just fine! But that doesn’t only benefit me! The person in the front isn’t forced to have their faces in the windshield holding their breath that the airbag does not accidentally deploy.
  1. If you have ever been in the service or toured a Navy ship, you will notice the thousands of pipes that make up the ceiling of the hallways. You can imagine the back and neck pain that the tall guys develop after years of walking hunched over tilting their heads to the side to avoid cracking their heads open. Me? I would skip down the hallway of the ship hoping I was tall enough at some point to have to bend over. Today I can say I am back and neck pain free!
  1. Naps. Yes I just said naps. If you were in the mood to curl up in a ball under your desk or on a friends lazy boy then who do you think is going to fit? Not a tall guy that’s for sure. My sister said it best “little people can sleep anywhere!” ha!
  1. We have lower center of gravity. Which means we don’t fall down as easily. Ha! Whatever that means.
  1. And lastly the most important of all. We don’t pay as much on clothes and shoes as the tall guys. That’s right! What is cheaper? A medium or a XXL-Tall shirt that took three yards of fabric to make? And the shoes? The shoes are way cheaper! I’m not saying I have a small foot or anything, but I sure do save money on clothes being my size.

I’m not a little person (politically correct) I’m average and in my world average gets me places. The saying that tall guys are more successful is a myth to me. I’d rather be average height and be able to save money on my clothes because I might need all the money I can get if I am caught napping under my desk.

Live On!



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