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Front row…

Watching a documentary on the fashion shows in NYC, it was amazing to see all that goes into these shows. The funniest and most disturbing part of the shows was the audience that contains some of the most influential and fashion forward people in the industry, but it also has some of the most pointless and unimportant people in business.

The coveted front row seat at any event is a sign of importance in any industry and rightfully so, the most important, seasoned, and talented individuals should sit there.  The documentary captured a rant by a man who deemed himself a “runway coach” on why he was not in the front row. Let me think for a moment. If the front row has Ralph Lauren, Anna Wintour, and A list celebrities why do you think they are going to make room for a “runway coach”?

Not sure the guy understands the importance of having a talent for designing clothes, but I guess his talent is teaching models how to walk…so rightfully so, he gets a seat in the back if he thinks he is the same caliber as those in the front row.


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