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It’s an art!

Clothes made by the millions. At one point the clothes were designed by a designer or a team of designers that made it a point to put their heart and soul into the design to create an amazing product. Now that the product is out to be produced for millions of consumers, the art is kind of lost in the machines of an overseas manufacturing warehouse.

When I walk into a store that has thousands of the same product in rows and rows all I think about are the homes in the suburbs that were built by the thousands with the same floor plan and layout.  There is nothing different about the homes much like the clothes.  If you drive down one of the streets of one of these developments you see the same house over and over again. Walking out in the mall there I was, seeing the same thing on people.   Same pants, same shoes, same shirts…all the same.

Then it made me think. If I were to build a custom home in the middle of the suburb developments it would stick out like a sore thumb, but not in a bad way. It would be the one home that was original and different, beautiful and custom.

This is the philosophy of my business. It costs a little more (not that much), but my ties are original and different. The mass production is well…blah. 


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