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The classy taxi….driver?

We were headed downtown a few weekends ago and came across a younger taxi driver who was wearing slacks and button up shirt. Neither me, nor my fiancé said anything until we got out of the taxi and we looked at each other as if to say, “that was the classiest taxi driver I have ever seen!”

Then it made me think….This young man drives around all day and still found the time to dress nicely to present himself as a professional. Yes! A professional taxi driver. That is exactly what he is and he sure did dress the part.

The next day I walked into my office to be greeted by a bunch of slobs aka “Professionals” in my office environment in jeans, t-shirts, and some even stretching the limits in sweat pants.  I could not believe that these people could not present themselves to the world like the young taxi driver.

It sure is interesting to see what first impressions can do. I hope to run into this young man again to thank him for caring about his appearance no matter his occupation because to me he is the definition of a professional classy taxi driver.


One thought on “The classy taxi….driver?

  1. Couldn’t have said it better ! It takes as much effort to look nice, as to go out in flip flops
    And look like a sweat hog!
    One does not have to wear a suit , to look presentable , and as though one cares about themselves !
    It just looks as if most are unhygienic ,
    And haven’t a self respect, to put a little forethought into their appearance ?!
    You can never get back ” That first impression”
    Scott Hill
    Scott Hill Bespoke Designs
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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