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Don’t give up!!

I’m young, in shape, own property, and have a secure job. I was looking around at some of the people I work with who have children my age and some of them look tired, out of shape and miserable. I started to think. Where they ever like me? Am I going to end up like them!? Oh god! When did they simply just throw their hands up and say screw it, I give up!?

Then there are the few who have maintained what they had in their youth. Health, wealth, and happiness. Did they simply decide to not give up? Not give in to this monster of giving up? The good news is that there is hope! There are the select few who decide to not give in. It’s funny though because the few that have maintained their happy healthy lifestyles are the outliers of the group. They are the not normal, stuck up, think they are better then everyone else’s…. But because they didn’t give up? This is crazy! I’m not blind to the fact that life happens and priorities change, but to simply give in to fast food because you can’t make dinner or not walking around the block because you don’t have time is absurd. Then I start to think of their spouses, partners, and boyfriends and girlfriends. Did they also give in? Did groupthink take over? Or are they wondering what the heck happened to the person they met?

Well…Live and let live. I’ll worry about keeping this monster at bay as long as I can. Hopefully I’ll beat the crap out of it and be an outlier because sometimes it isn’t a bad thing to be different. Actually it is a good thing to be different and I’m ok with that 😉


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