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I can’t believe you are engaged!

Last night one of our best friends looks at me and my fiancee and says “I can’t believe you two are engaged! Your are getting married! and you are going to have babies!”

Well…you can imagine it is still new to the both of us, but nothing has ever felt so right or “meant to be”.  I guess this all goes back to the first few times I showed up to her house to pick her up for our first dates.  She would walk out of he front door, down the stairs, and up to my car in slow motion. I’m not joking! I would see her walk to my car as if she was in a shampoo commercial with her long brown shiny hair flowing back and forth and the tapping of her high heels echoing through the streets. A ten second walk to the car lasted five minutes in my head. IT WAS AMAZING!

It has been over a year now.  We have moved in together and I still get the same feeling when I see her walking towards me when we get ready to go out.  It is funny because it is not only the fact that she is gorgeous, funny, smart, successful and did I mention gorgeous? but she has a style that I simply fell in love with from the beginning. She dresses so classy and for me, it is as she would say “the cherry on the cake”.

I guess we are both into fashion and current trends and colorful at that! Another comment from a friend was “you are the most colorful couple I know” ha! so true.  Red, orange, pink, blue, and green pants are the norm in our house.

I guess the most difficult thing about our relationship is the fact that she looks good in everything!

Her: how do I look?

Me; amazing,

Her; I’m changing,

Me; ok

Her; ok now how do I look

Me; amazing!

Her; I’m changing

I could not have found a more perfect person to fall in love. Her style and my style simply go together (she will be in leather pants and high heels and I’m in a bow tie and saddle shoes, ha!) This is how it should be, and OMG I can’t believe I’m engaged!

Our “I can’t believe you are engaged” friend (left) and OMGSH! (oh my god smoking hot)


3 thoughts on “I can’t believe you are engaged!

  1. I love you guys and love your story, your commitment to each other and the fact that you make every day count by spending time together and always making it fun.

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