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I grew up in a house of ironed clothes. Yes, I was the kid at school with the creases down my pants and shorts, so naturally that is how I thought clothes were supposed to look like all the time. When I joined the Navy, during bootcamp we had to get up in the middle of the night and take turns ironing our uniforms, t-shirts, and whitey tighties (yes we ironed those) and it was not unfamiliar for me to iron everything.


Of course I carried my childhood and Navy service ironing fascination into my adult life and I iron EVERYTHING! For some reason I love doing it and of course it looks great! I remember seeing an article in an online magazine suggesting men iron their own clothes to save money over the course of a year. Umm…I already do that! I thought that everyone did. I guess not.

Of course I notice when people do not take the time to iron their clothes and even if you don’t have time to, you can at least drop it by the cleaners to get pressed.

This all came to me when I was at work the other day and saw a few women co-workers, yes women, who were wearing some wrinkly clothes. Not to say gender has anything to do with it, but one would think that if between a man and a woman, it would be the woman who had ironed clothes, but I guess not in this case. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she has kids and a husband that isn’t helpful or what not, then I remembered my mom, mother of six, taking the time to iron all of our clothes, so their excuse was…?

I guess I just take pride in my clothes and how they look. I sure am thankful to have had learned this at a young age because then I would have hated bootcamp..oh wait, I did. 😉


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