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One Good Looking Pumpkin!

Pumpkins…. we buy them by the millions, carve them, eat them, bake them, blow them up, but why? I regret to inform you I am not going to research it, but offer my own theory on the reason we are fascinated with an orange squash.

Fall is a time of rustic yellows, oranges, and burnt red colors and what better then to find something that represented this time of year!  A Carrot! well….exactly. Why would we have picked a carrot to represent the fall? Right. That sure would have been interesting trying to fit a candle in a carrot.

My theory continues. What else is out there that can be eaten, decorated, and when you look at it is simply says “fall”?….EXACTLY once more! Nothing. I find it strange how I have been sitting here trying to think as if I did not know that the pumpkin was our representation of the fall season, but cannot come up with a more fitting squash that can be used many different ways. Honestly, they even look good wearing http://www.iontiveros.com bow ties!

I also thought of the other seasons and what represents them. Winter, Christmas Trees; Spring, flowers; and Summer, watermelons. I guess when you think of it the pumpkins just fit in the fall season.  (If that was the least researched explanation for something I have ever heard I should win an award!)


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