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Untie at your own risk! How to tie a bow tie

You would be surprise by how many men and women do not know how to tie a bow tie. Actually, before I started my custom bow tie business I had no idea how to do it either. It looked too hard or it was something like whistling (which I have yet to master) that only a a small population in the world could do effortlessly.  It took some time to master, but now that I run each one of my custom ties through a rigorous tying and untying test, it has become second nature to me. It can also become second nature to you too! Tying a bow tie is so easy once you see how to do it once or twice.  I’m not going to walk you through it like most sites do by saying, put the left over the right then through the back, and pull. I am simply going to show you. If you follow each photo it is really this easy!

There you have it. It is really that simple. The best part about knowing how to tie a bow tie is when you go to a party or simply wearing a bow tie casually, when asked you can tell people that you tied it yourself. The reaction is almost as if your cured a disease!

If you happen to buy one of my custom ties, it comes to you pre-tied and ready to wear, but if you decide to untie it…just remember: Untie at your own risk. 😉


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