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Standing the test of time…

Bow ties. Classic, fashionable, diverse, and well, have been and will always be around.  Bow ties have been a staple in the mans wardrobe for the holiday season for years and years. The bow tie has seen an evolution from ribbon, to black fabric, silk, and satin. Now, even though the black bow tie is always going to be the classic look, all types of colors and patterns have popped up all over and especially on http://www.iontiveros.com where you can find some of the most original and stand out bow ties out there.


It is funny how some men are scared of a piece of fabric that is three inches by fifteen inches. Bow ties are the definition of confidence. They show that you are not scared of a small piece of fabric and you are also not afraid of saying “HEY! look at me!” in a classy way of course.

The holiday season is the best time to break out of your comfort zone and try out a bow tie at a holiday party or even on a chilly night out.


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