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Movember and Bow Ties!


Movember. The month of mustaches for prostrate and testicular cancer awareness. The men who can, grow mustaches to show support for such a great cause. I have participated in the past and decoded this year to start my own team. We are about half way through the month and I have raised around 400 dollars and have grown my stache the longest I have ever grow it. To be honest I was never really able to grow much of a mustache and I sure have surprised myself. It itches and I can see it now if I cross my eyes and look down ( I’m doing it right now and I’m sure it’s a sight to see), but I am going to finish the month off strong and well… hairy. Something that I noticed was not only the mustaches all over, but also the increase in bow tie images associated with Movember. I am loving every second of this month because it all fits in perfectly with my custom bow tie business http://www.iontiveros.com AND it is all for a good cause! Keep the growing going! 😉


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