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If Nick Wooster does it so should you!

While Nickelson ‘Nick’ Wooster’s move from luxury department stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus to the ailing JC Penny may be controversial, one thing is not: his  amazing sense of style! The 52 year old mustachioed and tattooed style icon was named “the alpha male of American street style” by GQ and “Woost God” by his fans, and he continues to amaze with his effortless, and classic yet irregular sense of style.

He combines classic suits with army boots, skips the socks, and sports English shoes and short pants showing off some serious tattoos. That is why he is believed to be the most-photographed man on the Internet.  And while we don’t all have the same sharp sense of style as the Woost God we can, however, develop  a sense of fashion freedom. So let your instincts help you get dressed in the  morning! And if you know for certain that you are style-awkward in nature then don’t! Just get your fashion tips from other sources; blogs, magazines, shows, etc.

Remember: ties are accessories meant to enhance your style – so next time you see a bow tie that you like be adventurous and add it to your closet! Depending on the color and pattern it can be very versatile and will add an edge to your outfit.


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