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The Power of Orange

You think orange, you think of  Thanksgiving. That simple. But if you do a little bit of research you learn a few interesting things about the meanings of orange. For example, some believe that  orange is a healing color and that it can help increase the craving for food. Doh, no wonder it’s associated with Thanksgiving! Others take it a little further and say that  if a change of any kind is needed in you life, you should just burn an orange candle for 7 nights. That sounds a little witchcrafty to me so burn the candle at your own risk!

But witchcraft aside, for most of us orange means vitality and endurance, and it stimulates our enthusiasm and creativity. Just look what it does to this bow tie: the orange in there enhances the other colors and together they form a pattern that is so extroverted and uninhibited! And with all the colors mixed in the pattern this bow tie really opens you up a wide range of styling possibilities: think of it against a green shirt (think BCBG green), or pink, or yellow, or red!

So if you are bold and adventurous with your style get your own orange bow tie here!


3 thoughts on “The Power of Orange

  1. Orange is a great color to wear. There is just one rule you have to keep in mind: never dress up just in orange and green, because you`ll like like a pumpkin. 😉

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