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Happy Planet, Happy People

If you’re anything like me you must be constantly thinking of ways to improve your life, and the lives of those around you. As such, in my own small way, I do my part in making sure that Planet Earth doesn’t die before my time or that of my children, or EVER!! 🙂 It’s true! Imagine working all your life to build a career, a family, and a home and one day you turn on your TV and it’s announced that the Earth is going to explode tomorrow. Ok this is pushing it a bit but you get my point. And so, without trespassing an oil drilling ship in New Zealand to raise awareness about the negative effect of Artic oil drilling (that’s what warrior princesses are for), I try to take care of mother Earth as little as I can: recycle glass/paper/plastic, use a reusable container for water, use paper bags rather than plastic, eat vegetarian a couple of days a week, brush my teeth without running the water, turn off the lights in the room I’m walking out of, take quick showers (avoiding them all together as Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to do in order to save the planet would be a bit much:)), etc. If you’re interested in taking a few small – but significant in the overall picture – steps towards helping our environment check out these 50 Ways To Help The Planet.

Therefore it’s no coincidence that one my favorite colors is green which is associated with the ecology movement. It’s a natural association since green is the color of nature, fertility, and life. It’s restful, and symbolizes balance, growth, renewal, health, and environment. And yes, I’ve heard of the green-eyed monster too but that’s just Shakespeare speaking – he also spoke of fairies.

So show your stance by sporting a beautifully hand crafted  bow tie from iontiveros! And if you have a little boy who is already showing interest in fashion check out the kid version!




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