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Your Style. My Style. Is Style.

Style as defined by Merriam-Webster;  a distinctive manner of expression

It may seem as though the person you saw walking in the store a moment ago in sweat pants is a slob, however they are simply expressing their distinctive style.

I walk into a room with a bow tie and a cardigan. I am not being snobbish, but expressing my distinctive style.

Both of these examples are style. I never said they were fashion. This is where many people get confused with fashion and style. Fashion is what is trending, colors, shorts, pants, t-shirts, blazers, etc. Style is what you do with all of it.  You would not say that a person has a unique fashion, but rather a unique style.  Mixing and matching colors, textures, and fabrics are all part of each one of our own styles.  No matter the combination, it is still style, no?

My style for example is a combination of modern and classic. I guess you can call it “Modassic” Modern cut pants and shirts with hints of a classic bow tie and saddle shoes or wingtips.



To me this is the style I seek out and feel fits my personality and energy. Others find that they are comfortable in different articles of clothing, which is their style. We all have the opportunity to give the world our distinctive manner of expression through the clothes we wear which might be sweat pants or a bow tie, either way its still a style!


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