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The search never ends…

I just recently got back from spending the holiday with my amazing fiancee in her home country of Romania.  Yes, Romania. I had never heard of the country, nor had I ever put the connection with “Dracula” together, but after some research I was up to date on the happenings in the beautiful country of Romania and ready to have an amazing experience.  It was funny how after I became connected with Romania there were references to the country all around me that I had never noticed before.  On the TV there was a comment on Friends; “Wow, that’s double the tax of Romania” I remember laughing at that, not even knowing what it meant. Romania must have been some exotic country in Eastern Europe that had high taxes? I had no idea, but now I chuckle at the idea of most people not knowing much about the country.



We took the opportunity to search for some fabrics that that we do not have in the states or a rare texture that might be appealing to customers.  There sure was a lot of fabrics and random trinkets in one of the markets we went to that was almost overwhelming.  After some shopping we were back out on the streets of the capital city taking in the scenery.  Much has changed and continues to change since my fiancee lived there.  The younger generation is bringing a lively and upbeat energy to the city and the fashion trends are up to date.  They had many of the same modern department stores as we do here in the states, but there was something interesting I noticed.  There were more Men’s stores with amazing clothes, tailors, and custom wear that we do not have in the states.  My fiancee made a point that the men in Romania are concerned with what they wear and take pride in looking good. It was nice to see a culture that offered Men more options to provide a good shopping experience.

It was a amazing holiday and a wonderful time with the family. I am looking forward to one day going back to see the advances in development and fashion that Romania has to offer!


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