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My way, not yours.

We were watching the movie on Coco Chanel last night and what an inspiring story it was!  She was the definition of “taking a risk” in the time that she was living in.  During the era of maids dressing the wives and the clothes being painfully uncomfortable for women, she decided to take the risk of making comfortable easy to wear clothing….weird right?! To the women of the time, yes.  It was interesting seeing the shock on the women’s faces when Coco told them they can dress themselves, sounds preposterous to us now, but at the time a knee to the back to get in the girdle needed at least two extra hands. Chanel grew her business on being different and not focusing on what she was being told she could not do, but rather she focused on what she knew she could do.


It is amazing to me that in a world where those who succeed do what everyone else is NOT doing, but it is those who are all doing the same thing that are the biggest critics.  The moral of the story was great; Do what you are passionate about and take risks.


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