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Have you noticed how kids can get away with anything?! I mean anything they do it’s either excusable or ridiculously cute and adorable! The beauty of having kids, among others, is that you can dress them up any way you want, including the way you would love to dress yourself but lack the occasion or the courage for it. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating to be dressed to the nines when everyone else is doing casual Friday.  But kids don’t care and adults don’t dare judge kids!!  You can take your kid to Chuck E  Cheese wearing a kid tuxedo and black tie and everybody would go nuts over their style! So we decided that it’s time to put the kids on the iontiveros map and we’re bringing you the first kid bow ties: Monkeys and Sharks! Priced at only $20 these bow ties will make your kid the envy of their posse!





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