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Pass The Craft – Part I

I am a believer in the universe bringing opportunity your way at the right time.  I was up and ready to go to a men’s tailoring and suit store Saturday morning at seven thirty.  The goal of my meeting with the owner was to explain to him why he needed my ties in his store. After we talked for a few minutes and he had me take a look around I realized my bright colorful ties were not exactly what the seventy-something year old man wanted in his store.  I was not sure of what was to come out of my meeting with the owner at that point. If anything some advice on how to sell my ties, it was then he asked me to put away my tie display and sit down. Being the older Italian man he is he offered me an espresso and we sat at his table. He started telling me of his journey from stripping the floors at his first job in a tailor shop to now owning two stores, one in Canada and the other here in San Diego.  I was intrigued by his story and knew that he would be an amazing source of information and experience in the industry I am entering.  It was then that the conversation got interesting…

My tie case ready to go first thing in the morning

My tie case ready to go first thing in the morning

What was supposed to be a sales meeting turned out to be an open door into the industry that I am fairly new in.  It was amazing and I would have never thought that I would be given this opportunity.  Our conversation continued as we shared experiences (mine were definitely limited compared to his), he put suit jackets on me and we discussed the fit and measurements, the pros and cons of buying a suit from his store and the experience that a customer should have when they enter his store.

He continued to tell me about the recent questions he has received from his family and long time clients of what his plans were when he retires.  His answer was appropriate after having had met him as he said “retire? from what?”  It was that attitude that really got me interested in this man even more. Forty years of experience was offering me the opportunity to learn from him, amazing. It was then that we continued to talk about the reality that he may not “retire”, but he will get older and not be able to take care of the store as he does now. He continued to hint at the idea of a “young man” coming in and learning the trade and taking over when the time was right. Was I hearing him correctly? or was my mind simply playing games on me hearing what I wanted to hear.

The universe is funny. It figures itself out if you give it the opportunity to. This week I start my apprenticeship and the beginning of my new adventure! Life, it makes me smile 😉


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