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Tie and bow ties for everyone!!

If you have a craft and take immense pleasure in that craft you must know that it pains me to sell my ties and bow ties for less than what they’re worth. However, I started my neckwear line out of a personal passion for neckwear! I can’t imagine waking up on a Monday morning and not putting on a tie or a bow tie. Also, I started my own line because I didn’t like the ones available out there. Of course, there were some really nice ties out there but I mean within my reach – we all can’t have a closet full of Barney’s New York accessories. So I believe that everyone should be able to afford the fashion they love and if it’s my ties that they love then this is their chance: iontiveros has gone on its semi annual sale where all ties and bow ties (except the spring collection) are now significantly reduced, starting at only $30! So come shop for your favorite iontiveros tie through February 28, 2013! 


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