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Eureka! Shouted every one of us at least a dozen times in our lives while coming up with simply the best brightest ideas ever! We think we’re clever! We think we’re the king of the jungle when we come up with an idea. Ay, there’s the rub for anyone can come up with an idea but few of us actually do anything with those ideas. I too came up with an idea once; my idea was to create unique, handcrafted, custom-made ties and bow ties for men like me. And I went to Macy’s, bought a tie and took it apart to see how it was made. Then I bought a sewing machine and made my own wood templates and started making my own ties and bow ties. Then, as people expressed interest in my ties, I thought what if I could make ties for others and sell them? And so my venture started less than a year ago and realized that what’s ever harder is building something around your idea, sustaining it and constantly coming up with new and original ideas. Exhausting, really, but so much more exciting than anything else!

When I started to sell my ties I did research into what the trends were at that time, which trends were likely to be coming up, and what was going to survive the frequent changes in trends, seasons, etc. and came to the conclusion that men’s neckwear was here to stay. Neck ties are one of the very few accessories men have the luxury of sporting and trends indicated that bow ties were making their way back. The hard part came when I had to figure out what kind of ties I should make; so many different colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles that it would be hard to pin down a customer base. That was my Eureka moment! I decided that I was going to go after every man out there and try to meet every man’s need, taste, and fancy! I was also going to help my clients make the right selection – discuss their need, go through colors palette with them, explain different patterns and textures, basically give them options. But not just any options – I would give my customer options customized to their need in order to make the selection process easy for them.

Ok, so I figured out how to separate myself from the pack and a year later I can honestly say I really did build something around my idea! And now it’s time to sustain my idea; time to create and build a brand around my idea. Time to reinvent! So a new name perhaps? Full customized collection lines specific to certain clients? The sky is the limit and right now we are working furiously towards a finish line which is close, exciting and most rewarding!

This idea has proven to be an adventure! Where will it lead? What new friends will I make in the process? (the friends I have met so far have been nothing short of amazing) What will be our next adventure once we cross this finish line? How many more finish lines will there be? No one knows and that is the fun part!


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