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Over Saturation…

I recently read a comment by an individual who insisted that men’s neckwear is over saturated.  I would have to say that he is correct. The men’s neckwear industry is oversaturated with some of the cheapest, poorly made, and non-passionate work out there.

Mass production and lack of detail have contributed to this over saturation of men’s neckwear, but have faith! We are here to help create a subculture within the oversaturation. Hoping to break away from that saturation and develop our own subculture of custom, handmade, detail oriented, and passionate men’s neckwear.

There is a small, sophisticated, and caring population in this world who respect the quality and detail of the accessories they wear.  A mans tie is a staple in his wardrobe.  It is similar to that of a woman’s purse. Some men have many, some not as many, but change your ties on the same outfit and you can make multiple outfits. That to me is simply amazing!

We are not concerned with over saturation. We are concerned with making our product consistently high quality with the attention to detail over saturation turns away from.

It is all about the experience.



4 thoughts on “Over Saturation…

  1. These are awesome! I can’t wait to graduate, make money and invest in bow ties of my own. Thanks for sharing!

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