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Winter is winding down and summer is on the way! The cool fall and winter evenings that called for scarves and ties are on their way out, but wait….there may still be a use for these ties in the spring and summer months. You might think that bow ties and ties are too stuffy or just not the right accessory for the warm months ahead, but I stress this to you, they are just as usable in warm weather as they are functional in cool weather. 

Shorts and bow ties, boat shoes and neck ties. Sounds like a fashion disaster, until now. Some of the most fashionable men out there are taking back this aggressive look to; number one, show they have a sense of fashion. Number two; keep up with current trends, and lastly; to show they are confident in what they want to wear! Nothing says, “I look like I care” as a pair of shorts, loafers and a bow tie on a spring afternoon. Wait, sounds like an east coast style to me? NO way! Southern California is on its way to fashion greatness! The casual beach wear is still here, but appropriate during the day while the night life and Sunday brunches are flourishing with all kinds of styles.  Keep up the good work gentlemen, the ladies will thank you later 😉


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