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Pass The Craft-Part IV

You are a size 32….not really.

Have you every really measured your waist? Or measured the pants that say you are a size 32? If you are like most people out there you probably have not. You thought you were a 36, then you tried on pair of pants at the store and they were too big. 34..still too big. 32…Perfect fit!

At the tailor shop we had a client come in with five pairs of pants that he needed to have let out. He is a size 32…but for some reason these pants that he got were too small. Hmm, lets measure them. Of the five pairs of pants not one was a size 32. Four were really a size 34 and one was around a 33. So in reality our client had purchased five pairs of pants that were size 32 on the tag, 33-34 when measured, and needed to be let out one inch. So the lie the designer gave you of having a 32inch waist really equates to you having a 35inch waist. Wow!

The day continued with a handful of clients coming in and out of the shop. One young man was looking for a suit for a formal event that night. We could have turned around the tailor job in time for the event, but he was simply looking. My mentor gave him two pieces of good advice: Shave and comb your hair. With that we locked up and closed for the day.


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