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The direction we’re going

I am not one to talk about politics, so I wont.  When I say I like the direction we are going, I am not referring to the economy, jobs, country, global warming, or anything of the like, but the direction we are going with style.  There was a time when matching colors was socially acceptable and anything different branded you a weirdo. Yes, I remember looking at someone wearing stripes and polka dots and thinking that they must be mad to mix such patterns. Joke was on me, now when I look at strips and polka dots or plaids and floral prints I am interested in where they got their outfit, who made it, and what this person’s story is.  Someone who is confident to step outside the social norms is a friend of mine and I know they have an interesting story to tell.

The mixing of patterns and textures is continuing to grow in fashion!  I am not sure if it is because many people have scaled back on their wardrobes due to a possible decrease in pay, but the mixture and improvisation of some of the outfits I see is creative and genius. If done correctly these outfits of mixed patterns, colors, and textures just work.  This is the direction we are headed and I like it.  The confidence in mixing and matching is overwhelming and refreshing.  Keep up the mixing and I am excited to see where this leads to!


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