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Think about buying…

Good clothes are an investment, a long term investment which will pay off if depreciated over the life of well-made garments. Unlike many mass produced cheap clothes, which see a quick turn around on life span, a garment that you have to actually “think about buying” is probably worth buying.  Not many people seem to think twice about buying the ten dollar pair of pants or the twenty dollar blazer because it seems like such a great deal.  A few weeks or months later you have yourself a ten dollar pair of shrunken, discolored, and probably seam splitting pair of pants. Back to buy more. Now you have two pairs of ten dollar pants. Say you go and get new pants five times a year? Fifty dollars plus tax, gas, and the time, etc. going to get these pants. Or if you “think about buying” a solid well-made pair of 100 dollar pants, you know have yourself a pair of pants for one year, two years, or maybe even longer. Point? Think about buying quality over quantity.



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