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Start Here

You have to start somewhere. Waking up in the morning, the start of a new day.  Driving to work, the start of the work day.  Going to the gym, the start of staying healthy.   Staring at your hand and drawing it in one line, the start of a fashion career.

Recently I finished my BA in Organizational Leadership and Business Development, which is far from the creative world of fashion design.  Fortunately for me, as a business owner I am able to double dip with the education I just completed in business and the education I am beginning in fashion design.

I guess you can say I have a knack for fashion (some would say) and with that I have taken off on yet another adventure of fashion design at The Art Institute San Diego.  Second week into the program and I can only say I LOVE IT.

Black and white pages of business development, the cultural development of a organization, and leadership style books have lead me to industrial sewing machines, observational drawing, design, and image manipulations and a lot of BRIGHT COLORS!!

If in the beginning I am this excited, I can only imagine what the future holds.  As I continue to learn from my mentor who is passing the craft of tailoring down to me and also my formal education, there is only one direction to go from here…


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