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The Ratio…

I walked into my construction class last week, sewing construction that is, and to my surprise the ration of guys to girls was 5 to 3. Yes, in a sewing class of eight, five guys and three girls. I don’t know why I was surprised that there were more guys than gals, but even the instructor was surprised when she was taking the attendance.

You would also assume (my least favorite word because it is assumptions that are usually lies to yourself about what you think you know, but don’t) that the guys in the room were a little on the shall we say, flamboyant side, but to my and your surprise it was just a handful of guys talking about the upcoming baseball season, the winding down basketball season, and of course chicks. To top it off the guys in the class were actually a little more advanced than the girls in the class who thought they were walking into a class that was made for them.

I would say the times are changing, but they already have as did the ratio.


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