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Pass The Craft: Part VI

This Saturday morning started with the usual welcome to the shop, “well how the hell where have you been” (in his seventy -something Italian voice) and back to work my mentor went.

Yesterday was by far the most productive day we have had at the tailor shop to date.  My mentor had asked me to bring in something that I needed altered to practice on. Lucky me, I thought as I brought in a ten-dollar Target clearance blazer from two summers ago.  I had not worn it yet because it was too big and had to wait for the right time and event…it is bright purple.

I was excited to show him the blazer and pulled it out. He gave me this look as if I had offended his mother and simply said “what the! Get rid of the piece of crap, where did you get this?” His shock was expected since I am standing in a store that sells suits for thousands of dollars.  He was even more offended when I told him where I got it.  So off to the side the blazer went as he said, “sell it to someone for double what you paid for it, how much was it?” I was embarrassed to tell him, it was literally ten dollars on the clearance rack I was perusing through when I went to get eggs, shampoo, and other toiletries.  He couldn’t believe it; he told me not to even waste my time and grabbed four pairs of trousers and threw them at me and said “here, hem them at forty-two inches and put a cuff on them”.

I guess I learned my lesson for buying cheap-no fitting clothes at a store that also sells toilet paper and furniture.


Before I fix this mess.

Before I fix this mess. I can’t even show the front. 


The rest of the day went well as he taught me the craft of tailoring.  He said “passion” more times today then he usually does because he is just that, passionate about what he does.  He is definitely instilling that passion in me for the craft and four hours later passed in the blink of an eye and we closed up the shop.


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