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The Perfect Interview Shirt

On my way to an interview and my new love for venti coffee with a few extra shots of espresso has me zipping through traffic as if it were a video game. Unfortunately there are no “do-overs” in this video game after my coffee spills right out of the little opening on the top and right on my shirt. Awesome. But wait! I wore my perfect interview shirt just for this reason. It’s 2013 and many companies have a more casual business attire and the starched white shirt is not always necessary. In this case my trendy floral button up was perfect for the interview and was also perfect to hide any stains I might have acquired on the way. Perfect! A little dab with some water and even though the stain was there, it was camouflaged by the floral pattern. For me, it’s floral all the way to every interview from here on out. It’s also a good talking point that will help you stand out from the rest of the starched white button-ups.


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