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Short Victorian Frock Coats Are In!

Short Victorian Frock Coats are back! Or shall I say Double Breasted Blazers are

Where did double breasted blazers originate? The long frock coats were made with excess fabric to overlap and button on the side to protect from the weather. With one side of buttons, a second row was added to create a symmetric look. Over time the long frock coat became a lightweight inside jacket which was tailored as a sign of accomplishment.  The frock coat was shortened and so the double breasted blazer was born.


Making their way into the closets of men in suit form in the mid 20th century the double breasted blazer went into remission making short appearances in the 80’s and 90’s.

Today the double breasted blazer has been revamped. A slim tailored fit around the torso and a shortened length gives modern day double breasted blazers a more appealing look to the modern man.

How long will the double breasted blazers stick around? Only time will tell, but until the next remission the short Victorian Frock Coat is back!


Corneliani Double Breasted Suit available at Joseph’s Mens Wear and Custom Tailoring 

Tie: Lord Wallington Glen Plaid With Red And Blue Stripes 

Bag: Lord Wallington Tote


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