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Too Much Stuff…

Over the last year we have seen a surge of mens accessories hit the market from bow ties, skinny ties, pocket squares, and lapel pins. What does 2014 bring us? Hopefully some ideas on how to wear all of these accessories without looking ridiculous. Allow me to help you with some basic questions that men have when they are overwhelmed with products.

1. Where can I wear a bow tie?

Anywhere! That is the beauty of fashion and the idea that bow ties are not a formal accessory anymore. Lord Wallington carries many types of textures from faux leathers to suiting fabrics that are more casual to wear with jeans and a leather jacket on date night or to a casual cocktail party.

2. Should I wear a tie to the office?

If you want. yes, that is my answer to that question. It is 2014 and the days of wearing a tie to the office are over mostly thanks to social media founders who have made it acceptable to wear a hoody and jeans to the office. However, if you are not the CEO of a multi million dollar company, it is always nice to stand out from the t-shirt wearing crowd and throw on one of Lord Wallington’s causal suiting fabric or unique pattern long ties.

3. Should I wear a lapel pin, pocket square, and tie?

No. Just because men have more accessory options on the market does not mean you have to wear them all at once. Switch up your accessories with a bow tie/tie and pocket-square (in a presidential fold) one night and swap out your pocket-square for a lapel pin another night.


4. Man bags?

You know, I used to poke fun at man bags, or the “Murse” until I started using a Lord Wallington tote (Man tote, Mote). I would be fumbling around town with my keys, phone, wallet, ipad, notepad, and whatever else I was carrying. The convenience of a man bag makes carrying your personal affects much easier and allows you to keep your pockets free from clutter. Note: do not carry your man bag at your elbow, just saying.



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