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Seaman to Admiral

When I stumbled upon this footlocker for the Lord Wallington studio I had no idea we were buying a piece of history.  Granted, when you purchase anything that is antique or vintage and especially has some type of unique identifier such as a name or number, you just might have hit the history jackpot.

After some digging online for information on RADM (rear admiral) G.R. Henderson, USN I can say I am honored to have a piece of this mans life in my possession.  RADM Henderson, a Rhode Island native, joined the Navy as an enlisted Aviation Mechanist’s Mate in 1917.  From there he was accepted to flight school and commissioned as an Ensign and sent to the fleet as a Lieutenant.

While in the Navy Henderson set speed world records in his PN-7 (flying boat) and an altitude records in his C-2 (seaplane).  During WWII Henderson was CO (commanding officer) of the USS Princeton (CV-23) aircraft carrier which participated in air and surface operations in Japan. By 1947 Henderson was assigned as the Chief of Staff for US Naval Operations.

After numerous missions and assignments throughout WWII and the KoreanWar RADM Henderson retired and was meritoriously advanced to Vice Admiral with 37 years of service, a Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation, and a Naval  Distinguished Service Medal to name a few. Henderson was also one of only TWO Naval aviators during WWII to have advanced from the enlisted ranks (seaman) to the Admiral.

After learning who’s footlocker I was lucky enough to have found I hold the most respect for it and am lucky to own a piece of history.



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