About Me

Who am I? Ready for the longest run on sentence?

I am the youngest of 6, grew up in a small Northern California mountain town, went to college for a year to be an accountant, didn’t like accounting, joined the Navy, separated after five years, have been around the world on a aircraft carrier, planted myself in Southern California, got married…. and divorced, bought a condo, finished college, have a daytime job, own a custom neckwear business on the side (www.lordwallington.com) hahaha!, met my future wife at her house party two years ago and she didn’t remember me, met her again six months later…and she didn’t remember me, finally got her number thanks to my buddy drinking too much and throwing up at another house party she had (THEN she remembered me), we moved in, I proposed, now we’re getting married, I’m happy, she’s happy and I wear bow ties.

Thank you 😉


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