Featured bow ties

Bow Tie – Multi-Color Chevron

A beautiful mixture of colors in a chevron pattern! The spring collections’s favorite!


Bow Tie – Brown Floral Pattern

This is a beautiful bow tie! The large floral pattern is bold and contrasts beautifully with the brown backdrop!


Bow Tie – Blue Chevron

What a gorgeous bow tie! This blue chevron pattern on a white backdrop is perfect for the holiday season! Chevron is in and you need to be on top of your game!


Bow Tie – Blue and Brown Paisley

This blue and brown paisley pattern bow tie is perfect for both the summer with a blue shirt and the fall with a brown shirt. How versatile!

Bow Tie – Red and Black Paisley 

This is a bold and classy look. This tie is perfect to make a statement at your holiday parties or everyday wear.

Bow Tie –  Red Polka Dot 

Did you know that Polka Dot was a dance which later became the name of the pattern that was popular during the time of the dance? The origins of words is simply amazing!

This red with white polka dot tie is fun and looks good on both men and women. The tie is versatile and seems to dress up a suit and dress down jeans and a collard shirt. It is amazing how an accessory can make such a difference.

Bow Tie –  Coral Pattern

This is one bright tie! With all the colors mixed in the pattern you can wear it with a pink, yellow, greet, or red shirt! The possibilities are endless! With depending on what color shirt you wear, different colors will pop from the tie! The patter is limited and is only available for a short time.


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